Companies have been given a unique opportunity to transform their business into ‘better than usual’.

COVID-19 has reshaped the marketing landscape. Traditional forms of advertising are no longer viable in this new reality of stay-at-home regulations, social distancing and travel restrictions.

Identifying and communicating with new prospects and leads, building strong relationships with old acquaintances or new clients when you can no longer get on a plane, attend a conference or set up face-to-face meetings is the unique challenge facing businesses.

This is the time for companies to reassess the allocation of marketing funds and to explore new methods for establishing relationships, opening markets and connecting with clients.

Seizing this moment with resolve, reform and reinvention will enable those who step up their game to be better off and far more ready to confront the challenges—and opportunities—of the next normal than those who do not.

“It’s already a cliché: the COVID-19 crisis has accelerated the shift to digital. But the best companies are going further, by enhancing and expanding their digital channels.” – McKinsey’s insights into reimagining the future of work post-COVID-19

COVID-19 has presented companies with an exceptional opportunity to transform the way they communicate with clients, customers and partners. However, not all digital marketing is created equal, and with a vast increase in digital marketing, getting your message to stand out becomes more challenging.

Imprint: Research-based digital marketing solutions

At Imprint, digital experts follow an intelligence approach to marketing on social networks: a proprietary methodology based on intel and big data analysis, taking the guesswork out of marketing and placing it firmly in the realm of science.

After completing a holistic analysis, Imprint works side by side with clients, using experienced multilingual teams to engage online communities on their behalf or advise on the most effective digital strategy.

Imprint’s research and analysis experience have enabled the company to map the social media landscape of target markets, recognizing market patterns, trends and identifying specific influencers. Using the information accumulated and analyzed by experts, Imprint can effectively engage specific audiences.

Today, more than ever, social media users crave authentic and customized engagement. Social distancing has only heightened this desire. Imprint’s proven formula of combining science with human communication continues to achieve incredibly high engagement and conversion rates through one-on-one conversations with ‘micro’ and ‘nano’ influencers.

Accelerating business in the new marketing reality

Flexibility, constant feedback and optimization empower project leaders and community managers to create or update messaging instantaneously, adapting to dynamic markets or shifts in online discourse.

Put simply, Imprint can conduct superior, comprehensive campaigns based on existing digital assets or by creating an online presence from scratch. Services are catered to operate as standalone or reinforcing existing solutions to make a lasting digital impact on discourse.

Whether it is opening new markets, introducing a new product or managing your reputation, Imprint’s unparalleled, intelligence approach to social media campaigns can help medium and large organizations position themselves successfully for the current and post-COVID-19 world.