Gabe is a Community Manager at Imprint who creates compelling content designed to help deliver uniquely crafted messages to millions of social media users and engages online communities around the world.  


Imprint Social is a digital and social media marketing company with engagement experts from diverse backgrounds. 

Gabis one of Imprint’s Community Managers responsible for operating creative campaigns on social media. Using Imprint’s advanced behavioural insights and proprietary technologies, Community Managers communicate with the most relevant audiences in a way that is not only organic but authentic.  

We took a minute to chat with Gabe about his typical day at Imprint. 

Tell me a little bit about your background. 

I grew up in Philadelphia and have been living in Tel Aviv for many years now! My academic background is in communications with a focus on strategic and visual communication.  

As a student, I worked for an independent movie house and film festival where I headed their social media initiatives. Apart from personal use, that was really the first time I was exposed to the professional and creative side of social media. I was inspired by its potential and my career took off from there!  

Please describe in your own words your job at Imprint? 

Through my work, I get the opportunity to explore interesting diverse topics through different social media platforms. Technology has completely transformed the way we communicate and relate to each another.  

When I engage on social media, it feels like I’m bonding with people and building communities where they didn’t exist before. It’s fascinating to be able to connect with people who may seem so far away and different from myself, but when I take the time to have honest conversations with them, I come to realize how much people actually have in common.  

have to be up to date on everything related to my project. This lets me genuinely connect with people on social media and introduce them to new information and developments in the field.  

This world of new content can easily lead to information overload. On the other hand, it’s amazing how information allows me to weigh in and provide input on different issues. 

It may sound idealistic, but I feel like I make the world better regularly through engaging with a diverse group of people including academics, activists, industry professionals and journalists. 

What do you do on a typical day as a Community Manager at Imprint? 

My day usually starts – as most can relate – by checking my e-mails.  

I browse the internet to catch up on current events, news and pop culture. Anything that’s relevant to the project goals or simply catches my eye, I share with my colleagues via a daily update. Since matters rapidly change throughout the day, I like to leave a news channel running in the background.  

Then, I begin to read social media chatter and engage with people based on their topics of interest and opinions on current events and trending topics. Throughout my day I get the opportunity to have meaningful conversations with real people about their passions. 

What is the team that you work with like?

The people on my team are some of my best friends. We come from five different countries, but we have a lot in common, respect each other and really connect. Since we all sit in the same room, we constantly help each other out, have a lot of laughs while we work and keep the vibe light and fun.  This is the type of community I envision I’m creating in the digital world through social media. 

What type of responsibilities do you have and who do you report to within Imprint? 

As a Community Manager, I am responsible for creating compelling content that allows the team to reach our KPIs.  Occasionally, I help train new employees, compose monthly reports and perform deep research on new trends and topics.  

I report to my Team Leader and Project Manager and regularly interact with other Community Managers. The company’s open-door policy allows me to work directly with the department heads, graphic design studiocontent writers and other specialists. 

What are the skills that you have or the tools that you use that make you an effective Community Manager? 

My academic background made me a skilled researcher with great critical thinking and analytical skills. I can’t stop until I get to the core of a topic and understand it to the best of my ability. The fact that I enjoy my job and have a personal interest in my topic area. It’s a fun puzzle for me. 

It forces me to be creative and well-informed but, most importantly to find new ways to deliver my message in an entertaining way. It also provides great insight and helps me understand how people make decisions, how they communicate, and the influence global events and trending topics have on social media. 

In addition, my sense of humour enables me to connect and engage with many different types of people effectively.  

What is the best part of your job? What do you enjoy the most? 

My favourite part of the job is all the knowledge I gain. I now understand how new social media trends emerge and how we can leverage them to create real change.  

I get a rush of excitement when other people share or comment on my posts. It’s a whole new world and group of people which you can share and bounce thoughts with. It’s amazing!  

Through my work as a Community Manager, I discovered that I enjoy creating graphics. With the help of our in-house experts, I’ve been fortunate to be able to develop and improve my graphic design skills.  

What are the goals that you have for your future, both within Imprint and in general? 

I want to eventually move into a managerial position where I have oversight of project strategy. The future of advertising is in social media. It’s an industry with vast potential, and I’d love to continue developing my understanding and ability to capitalize on the opportunities it offers.  

How do you measure your success as a Community Manager? 

Great question. Personally, I measure my success based on how well my messages and comments are received by the people I’m engaging with on social media. The best is when both parties feel engaged and new ideas can develop as a result. Genuine conversations provide added value and greater understanding about how the world works. 

My success also relies on meeting KPIs. Likes, comments, shares, and retweets help me meet specific goals, but at Imprint it’s all about the real connections you’re making with people.  

Do you have advice for others interested in working in digital communications? 

Be brave, go for what you want and if you love it – do it!  

You can develop your creativity because the possibilities in the digital world are limited just by your imagination. 

At the same time, make sure your research and writing skills are up to par. You will need to be able to write in different voices and be able to quickly dive deep into new topics as they arise. ???? Read, read, read… being able to stay on top of trends and having a general knowledge and curiosity can’t be underestimated 

What are the trends in technology, communication and social media that you are most excited about? 

The most interesting part of social media is how it shapes us and how we shape it. 

Social media is where we get our news, find life hacks, discover new recipes and go shopping. As these platforms become ever more interweaved into our lives, I’m interested to see how we benefit from them and to play a role in using them for social good.